Macaroons [and why they've got me thinking]

8:51 PM

Macaroons and my love. That made for a pretty wonderful Wednesday after a fairly difficult day at work. (also, i can't rave about Eva's enough. both the tapas restaurant and the boulangerie are to DIE for)

I've heard a lot of people say they don't like New Year's Resolutions. It can be difficult to make a million promises and then break them in the same month. I kind of like the whole "new year, new me" idea. Sure, by the end of the year I have slipped back into some not so great habits, but I feel that in at least a couple ways, I greatly improve. I get to make goals, and while some goals have stayed on my list for years (work out X amount of times per week, read X amount of books per month, etc.) others I get to see myself accomplish. These goals become habits, which become lifelong commitments. And it's really wonderful.

A part of my "new year, new me" ideals this year includes being happier. One of the ways that I'm trying to do that is be more positive, and recognize the wonderful things. I have a book from Blogging for Books that I'll be reviewing soon that is really helping me with this. I SUPER love it and can't wait to review it:)

So the point of this long ramble, is to talk about a few things that I'm adoring in 2016.

-Macaroons from my love
-Dreamy, foggy mornings
-Warm blankets
-Pulling our mattress into the living room for a camp out
-Willing the dying aloe plant in my office to live (I'm actually watering it too, so that may help)
-New clothes
-Getting home and seeing packages on the doorstep
-Long discussions at work about pop culture, the beliefs of society, stereotypes, and the best restaurants.
-Delicious candles
-Tea-tree shampoo that makes my head tingle
-Playing games in the grocery store
-Planning lessons for my amazing Sunday School class
-And a million, billion more things

Happy Thursday to all my lovely friends!

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