[and goodbye again]

2:13 PM

We said goodbye to my niece and sister-in-law on Sunday. So sad. We won't be seeing them again until this summer, so it really was quite tragic. By that time, my niece will be a whole person who has stranger danger and stuff. No bueno. But it's good they'll be reunited with my brother and be home, back in the swing of things!

Also Friday night was delightful. Randy and I got a gift card from his parents for Christmas, so it was off to Red Lobster for a delicious dinner, followed by a night of fun skating at the Gallivan Center. Randy is an AMAZING skater (thanks to his talented mom) and it was so fun to watch him, and then skate with him, and then watch him show off even more!

Saturday we got to welcome home Miss Kira from her mission, which was wonderful, and then we got to see our friends Tim and Candace! It's so fun to catch up with high school friends, but it's weird when we realize we aren't little kids anymore!

What a wonderful weekend with wonderful family, and friends. Hope your weekend was awesome, and happy Monday everyone!

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