rocket summer/les miserables/birthday bash/other things that i didn't take pictures of

2:48 PM

time flies when you forget to blog. and take pictures.

we have been up to the following things:

last week: being sick, surprising Randy and going to see James Bond, a cousin baptism and seeing friends in Provo, another night in Provo with other great friends, a day off of work, shopping, grocery shopping, working, classes, tests, a broken down front runner and an extra drive to SLC, and lots of fun:)

this weekend was full of seeing Randy's FAVORITE band in the WHOLE WORLD, the Rocket Summer. It was my first time seeing Bryce Avery live and it was FANTASTIC. What a fun concert, wonderful music, and great company:) Paradise Fears opened for Bryce and I LOVE them. They were wonderfully fantastic. Two clean, fun, and really talented bands.

Saturday consisted of driving to Kaysville to see Les Miserables performed by DHS. What talented kids I tell ya! It made me seriously miss being onstage. It was four whole years ago that it was Randy and I on that stage, young and falling for each other.

We then hung out with the family, and then went off to Squatters downtown to celebrate my beautiful coworker and friend Becky's birthday! We loved hanging out with her and her friends, who are quickly becoming our friends too!

Then it was home to hit the hay because we were exhausted.

Sunday was teaching and watching some kids for the lady who I visit teach during Sacrament Meeting. Sundays are super wonderful because we get to regroup, and just spend time together which doesn't happen a lot during the week.

guys I promise I'm going to be better at blogging! I'm currently trying to figure out how to print my blog for posterity and to have a hard copy, but there are like 600 posts to print!! EESH. So if you have any tips, lemme have 'em!

Happy Monday everyone!

(also, yes I only took pictures at the concert. SUE ME. JK don't sue me. I will be better at taking pictures. PROMISE)

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