Knowing He's The One

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Randy and I are going to get married when we are both 21. Randy will have been home from his mission for almost 6 months when we get married. Randy will have an absurd amount of school left when we get married.

Some people think we're too young. Some people think it's too soon. Some people think we're crazy, stupid, immature, naive. Not ready. Not sure.

People quote the divorce rate, statistics, rules about how long after a mission is appropriate to start thinking about marriage, personal stories about their best friend's cousin's uncle's co-worker who made a bad choice regarding marriage.

So here's a quick thought about why I am doing this. Getting married. At such a young age, to someone just home from their mission.

Because he's the one.

And how do I know he's the one? I've thought about this a lot. I could list off the reasons, from his patient and loving heart, to his taste in music, to his consistency in buying me chocolate, not to mention how good looking he is! (see picture above).

But the most important reason that Randy's the one, is because HE is the one.

Let me explain.

God is the one in charge here. God knows my heart. He knows Randy's heart. He knows my flaws, and Randy's flaws. He knows what we will fight about, what we will struggle with, and how we will fit together, and build each other up.

I know Randy's the one because God's the one that has the plan. And I know Randy's the one, because I'm listening, and following, and trying to obey.

And as long as Randy and I both keep following Heavenly Father, we will stay THE ONE for each other.

We didn't make this decision lightly. It's something I've personally been praying about for 3 and a half years now.

And I'm more sure about this decision than any other decision I've made.

So I'm going to be less judgmental about people getting engaged fast, young, to someone in particular, all of it. They have their own relationship with Heavenly Father - and I need to respect that.

Now to quote my good friend Cory Matthews:

Sorry Cory. That's me and Randy.

Happy Sunday friends:)

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