College is hard.

4:40 PM

Guys. College is hard. Let's make a list of why college is hard.

-You have to go to school. A lot. And they put up power points and make you take notes, or ask you hard questions and explain things in scary new ways.
-You always have homework
-You need to clean the kitchen seriously all the time. It's never clean
-Ditto with the living room.
-You live with a bunch of people, and figuring out the dynamic is difficult.
-You meet new people all the time, and have to explain yourself. Which means you kinda have to know who you are.
-Your family is not there. And they're the greatest.
-You have to buy things. With all the money you don't have.
-You have to make your own food, and do your own laundry. No bueno.
-You have to walk up a million and five stairs to get to campus (if you're me anyway).

But there's also good things. Like getting flowers, good friends who write you adorable birthday notes and make you birthday treats, that nice kid that bought you a Jamba Juice shirt, having to talk a walk as an assignment, and getting to talk about things that matter. So I guess I'll stay.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

And happy 8 months down:)

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