20 years young

9:10 PM

Today was my birthday. It's super selfish, but I love my birthday. There's something great about looking back on your life, and looking ahead at the good things to come. It's fun to have a day that's about you. It's weird to be away from your family on your birthday, but I have an amazing family, great friends, and wonderful roommates (who are also my friends, don't be offended) who made the day great. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special today, and for making me feel special everyday:)

My creativity project where I made a stone for each year of my life. I had some alone time and it was great to just be with me today.

Super cute socks from Japan:)

Jonas came for the weekend and we had super good Italian food on Friday.

He also made me french toast and took me to an art museum. It was great:)

Pouring rain with this girl as a part of birthday weekend!

And we won. Because it was my birthday weekend.

Do I look 20??

My family is too cute:)

My roomies are great:)

This awesome package all the way from Japan was great today:)

Happy Sunday everyone! And happy birthday to me:)

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  1. happy birthday!! I'm glad your day was great!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And yes, you do look 20 :) Should i pull out the old spectrum pictures of you as a pirate and compare? ;)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. My blog friends rock:) AND EMMA. No. I will cry!!!


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