I heard your heart say love love love...

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Valentine's Day. What a wonderful day of the year. So commence with sappy V-Day post that most of you will probably skim, at most. Oh well. This is for posterity:)

So yesterday I got a letter from a special guy, and was able to look at one part of it PLUS an SD card ON Valentine's Day. So naturally, we all stayed up until midnight. Which was a good choice, in my opinion. It was totally worth it. It's hard not having my best friend here, but I am so proud of him and the things he's accomplishing. He wrote the sweetest things, said the sweetest things, I got pictures among other things...all in all, a great gift.

Then I went to sleep, woke up, and had 8 text messages from our very best guy friends that all said Happy Valentine's Day! Then I went to the kitchen to find Rebecca had made muffins and Rachel had made sugar cookies:) My roomies are the best:)  My mom gave me a bag of yummy candy to enjoy which was so sweet of her:) And then....the cherry on the top of my great Valentine's Day....our guy friends. Our guy friends are literally so sweet, especially Dillon. Sitting in our living room is a big red bag labeled for the Fat Five (questions on what that is, contact me directly;)) Inside was a teddy bear for us to cuddle with, a bottle of Martinelli's to celebrate the day with, a heart shaped box of chocolate for each of us, some Diet Dr. Pepper (it is our staple), brownie mix that won't get baked because we just eat the batter, frosting because it is our morning wake up medicine, and an individual letter for each of us. May I just say, my friends seriously rock.

Now I get to drive Alli to the airport with Rach, watch a bunch of friends open their mission calls, then make sugar cookies while watching chick flicks with the Robed Five (again if you'd like an explanation, contact me;))

So here's to love. The love I have for my family and all they do for me, the love that I have for my roommates who lift me up, the love I have for my girlfriends who literally keep me sane and happy, the love I have for the guys that make me feel special, the love I have for BYU, the love I have for chocolate, the love I have for the Gospel, the love I have for basically everyone who I've met and whose touched my life and especially the love I have for that one boy whose 5 weeks down, 99 to go:) Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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