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Warning:::I am in a very religious mood.

I found a paper that I got from Young Woman's a long time ago. And it was perfect for today. So I wanted to share it. Maybe someone will read it and appreciate it too.

Dear Mother,

You probably don't remember me. It has been some time since we have seen each other, and I do miss you

I still think about the day I chose you to become my mother! What a wonderful time that was! I knew how lucky I was to have found someone who would be a member of the Savior's Church, and could provide me with an eternal family. You, Father and I knew that being together again was what we wanted more than anything. We promised to do everything we could to make sure we would be reunited.

Since our family depends on the choices you and Father make on Earth, I have been eagerly watching you since you left. Every time you laughed, I laughed with you, and when you cried, I tried to give you a reassuring hug. I have seen you walk the right path, and cheered when you made good decisions, and called out directions when I have seen you stray.

Mother, I can't wait to put my arms around your neck and tell you how much I love you! I try each day to tell you, but sometimes I know you don't know I'm there.

When you feel down or think about making an unwise decision, please remember that your children are cheering you on. We want to be with you forever, but we can't make that decision. It is up to you and Father. We are watching him too, and we look forward to your meeting. We are depending on you to keep us together forever.

I will be with you always, mother. Until we meet again, know that your child loves you.


A Member of your Future Eternal Family

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