Fairy Tales

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So yesterday I went to watch my little sister's Egyptian Cinderella play. It was really cute and fun to go see. But it got me thinking about something. We tell these fairy tales where the boy doesn't know anything about the girl and she doesn't know anything about him. She's strong but she apparently needs a man in her life to fight her dragons for her. So I am writing a new fairy tale. One that is hopefully better :)

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a young girl. She was sweet, friends with animals and birds, had a lovely singing voice...and get this....a great family. I know, right? Her life wasn't easy, sometimes hard things would happen like when her sister got really really sick. Sometimes her family fought, sometimes she fought with the animal friends and even her people friends. Which she did have. Sometimes her sisters were mean to her, yes, but they all loved each other.

One day after a lot of chores, there was a huge party at the palace. The girl decided not to go. She was happy sitting in their little house, watching movies with her sisters.

Then a HUGE dragon crunched into their house. And then the girl took a sword, had a fierce battle with the dragon and eventually killed it.

Then a few weeks later she went to another party at the castle where she met the prince. They started texting every once in a while. They went to parties and hung out sometimes. They were friends.

Then, a few months later they realized they liked each other.

So they started flirting a bit, getting to know each other better.

A few months later they had their first kiss.

Then they fell in love.

He knew her shoe size, and her name. He knew her favorite color and the look she gave him when she was trying to be mad. He knew what she was talking about when she was describing an outfit she might wear tomorrow, he knew what she ordered every time they went to Olive Garden. He knew she always chewed gum after lunch and that she was in love with some TV shows that nobody else knew about.

Then they got married.

That's a fairy tale.

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