Dare to stand alone

8:27 AM

So today in seminary we watched part of President Monson's talk "Dare to Stand Alone." We do these kinds of things frequently in my seminary class. I hadn't heard that talk though, because it was in the priesthood session. It made me think really really hard. I need to make sure I'm strong enough to stand by myself. To stand up for something and stand alone. I think I am, but I need to keep doing things to really be sure that I am. I owe the Church everything that I am, and I need to make sure I'm worthy to go to the temple with that amazing boy some day and have that amazing family that I already love. In some areas I have had to stand alone. I have let go of things that other people haven't. I have gotten through things that if I had been smart, I wouldn't have had to go through.

ALSO in English the other day we watched part of Hamlet. And it made me so sad. They really really loved each other. I don't think some people understand the past of Ophelia and Hamlet's relationship. They weren't just some crush that didn't work out. They were in love. They were in love for the entire play. It hurt my heart a bit (And yes that is Ashley's phrase that I just stole)

ALSO. Sometimes people just say that everything is fine...but then you continue to have proof that it's not fine. Then what? Huh? That's all :)

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  1. MY WORDS. But you gave me credit, so I forgive you. And what happens when you say everything is fine when it really isn't is nothing. Unless something changes. Thats all. :)


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