Christmas is coming

8:32 AM

The Christmas dance was AMAZING!!! It really was the most perfect night. I went with my best friend in the world, was in a group with all the rest of my best friends, danced the night away, laughed until I cried, had some amazing dinner and even more amazing slow dances in snow. And my corsage was beautiful and my date looked amazing. So it was great :)

Now my brother is coming home tomorrow!!!!!!! I'm pretty dang excited. It doesn't really feel like two years sometimes, but then other times it seems like it's been forever since I've had a nice long talk with my brother or watched a movie with him. My dear brother is sometimes a pain, but most of the time he's a really awesome guy who just knows too much ;) Anyway the honest truth is I miss him like CRAZY. We were pretty close before he left even though he knew way too much trivia....and I miss that. So basically I am very excited for him to come home :)

Oh, and then Christmas :) I need to finish up some presents because I'm a slacker....anyway it doesn't matter I'm just excited for everything :)

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