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So yesterday was a very, very, very hard day. Showing up to school early on a late start day was just the beginning. We get to school and run Act Two of the show. And then we get to the last song. It's when the people are getting ready to leave their homes and each other. It wasn't turning out the way any of us wanted. We were just going through the motions. So then Andra stopped us, and asked us to think about it for a second. These people are leaving nothing much, but leaving everything. They are saying good-bye. Forever. Most of these people will die, and soon. I'd been going through the play with the idea that all of our family gets back to America and everything is fine. The reality is, they don't. They are killed. Ripped apart. These people were willing to die for their religion. I hope that some day, I can have half the devotion to my religion that they do to theirs. Yesterday was a hard day. But it was so important for me to have that.

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