8:32 AM

Ooooh the words I could say right now. There aren't enough words to say everything I need to. So I'll resort to bulleted lists.

-Fiddler on the Roof/Musical Productions. Life changing. Yet again :)
-My family is so cute to me even when I'm a pain.
-Having three periods in the day where you have to do virtually nothing is a blessing.
-Randy is so cute to me and is the best friend in the world :)
-My friends are supportive and I love them :)
-My "fake" productions family is amazing and I love every one of them.
-Sometimes people think they're going to change your mind by making a scene. Prove them wrong.
-Everyone has those days where they want to cry. Help them out.
-Nutella Waffles are probably the best thing ever.
-Waking up to a cute text with flowers next to you is great :)
-Figuring out how strong you are is beautiful
-There's nothing better than a warm sweater first thing in the morning
-Music is my sanity
-Sometimes Netflix occupies a good amount of my time
-My poor future husband hasn't had an email written to him in quite some time....
-This is a month to be thankful...and I have never felt so blessed :)

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