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He did it.

There aren’t words to express how proud I am of Randy today.
Story time, since he will never share how hard he worked to get here himself. Randy came home from his mission with a 1.7 GPA and no clue what he wanted to study in school. I remember long nights trying to figure out what he liked, what he wanted in a career, struggling to learn physical science or economics.

He attended UVU and then BYU Salt Lake. While there, he took an accounting class. The professor said if they got an A and didn’t hate the class, they should do accounting. Randy got an A and didn’t hate the class, he actually enjoyed it. So off he went to Utah State to do his generals and get his grades up.

I remember how crazy it was trying to meet with counselors and get every GPA point he could so he could get into the U's business program, then the accounting program. We spent so much time on the phone with counselors, researching how classes transferred, and more.

He then got into the U’s accounting program, and he kept working SO hard. He excelled, getting better grades than he ever had and landing an amazing internship at EY. I don't think he thought it was possible, but he won them over with his interview.

That internship turned into a job offer and more school to get his master’s degree. Today, 5 years later, he is finally done. I am so proud of every test he took, every minute he studied, every hour he spent meeting with friends or professors trying to learn. I am so proud of how excited he would get to tell me about a class or project. I am so proud of how he was an amazing husband and father the whole way. I am so proud of how he tackled every obstacle in front of him head on.

I am so proud of how he went from hating school, to being so sad he couldn’t finish in-person. Randy was genuinely crushed that he couldn't finish his master's degree in-person at the U. He absolutely loved his time there—after going to the major universities in Utah, the U was the place that became home to him. It's been so hard watching him want to finish his education there on campus and having to do it on the computer instead. Which is why this graduation is even more meaningful. He has overcome some incredibly hard things to get here, and I am so insanely proud.

It’s amazing to see someone you love accomplish something so huge.
Congratulations babe. Can’t wait to make you actually walk and take even more pictures in December!

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