Tea Part, Goodbye 2.0, Cousin Time, AND MORE

12:10 PM

We had a jam-packed week!!

Last Saturday my cute sister Beth threw my mom and sister and I a Mother's Day tea party! It was SO cute she had made a ton of delicious snacks and had my dad and Randy serving us. It was SO cute and so fun. We just sat in the garden and ate and chatted. It was so thoughtful of her and so fun. We had lemonade, herbal tea, bread and brie, Oreo truffles, cheesecakes—it was SO delicious. Jarem and Beth had made everything for us which was so kind of them.

We had Chinese to celebrate Randy's graduation too, which made it even more fun!

We spent the next couple days with my family a lot to hang out with my sister before she left to go back out on her mission, eating yummy food and playing lots of volleyball and spike ball. She left on Wednesday morning to go to Everett, Washington. It was SO sad to say goodbye to her again but she's going to be great in Washington! She took coming home and getting sent back out like a champion, and I super admire how great she did with everything.

We worked and Randy hasn't had to worry about school anymore which has been SUPER awesome! So we just have been enjoying lots of time together.

Graham loves dressing up in the knight costume at my moms, and uses his sword to cut the floor which is so funny. He and Mel are getting much better at playing together too which is great.

Utah has opened back up from coronavirus a little bit, but we are still being careful. We are wearing masks, not going many places besides family and the grocery story, etc. I think it's really important to continue to be careful so we can beat COVID-19.

Thursday we went to Riverton to get some social distant family photos and it was GREAT. They turned out SO CUTE! Perfect and just in time for Graham's second birthday.

Our niece Charlotte had a birthday this week so Friday went to their house in Saratoga Springs and ate dinner in the backyard, roasted some marshmallows, and went to their local pond which so so fun!! It was a great time and fun to hang out before they add a new baby to their family!

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