Family Getaway

11:16 AM

My parents were so sweet and planned a fun getaway staycation for our family! It was the first time we stayed in a hotel with Graham and it actually went really well!

Liv and Matt moved to Florida and couldn't be with us, and last minute my dad had to go on a business trip and couldn't even come! That was such a bummer, but we still had a blast.

We arrived at Thanksgiving Point and went to Farm Country to see the animals. Candace loved riding on the pony and feeding the animals, and we enjoyed the wagon ride.

We had lunch at the Deli, then went up to Cabellas and saw all the cool animals, sampled some fudge, and did the shooting range. We had such a crazy mixup with the hotel, with an employee telling us that there were tons of families at the hotel so we couldn't have adjoining rooms, then getting us adjoining rooms and telling us there were tons of business people at the hotel so we needed to be was just a mess.

We finally got checked in, went and did some swimming which was TOO fun, and then went to Teriyaki Grill for dinner, then went to grab ice cream and played games while the babies slept.

The next day we walked around the Thanksgiving Point grounds, then were off to the children's museum which was so fun! We played in the water, did a climbing course, and saw lots of koi fish outside. We had delicious ramen for lunch and then were off to see the 24th of July parade floats! There were some amazing floats and we loved wandering around with the kiddos. We let the kids nap and we played more games, and then had Texas Roadhouse for dinner. The poor brand-new server dumped ice water on Tommy so Ben did a marathon sprint to Walmart to buy a new shirt. We still had a yummy dinner though! We took the kids to a toy store to wander around (it was actually a SUPER COOL store) and then went back for more swimming, shakes and fries and games.

The last day we spent in the dinosaur museum, then Ben and Kim had to go, so the rest of us braved the heat and hung out in the beautiful gardens. There weren't many people there which made it super fun! It was a really fun trip, and we are so lucky to have parents who take us on fun adventures like this!

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