Graham's Nursery

9:47 AM

As some of you know, we are living in my parent's basement (we're winning at life) for the time being while we house hunt and save for a down payment! It's been super nice, and we are so insanely lucky!

Because we're living there, Graham's room is also the basement playroom! Which I'm sure he will LOVE when he's a little older and there are HUNDREDS of toys for him!

Because of that, his nursery is kind of on two walls and the rest of the room is full of toys. BUT I'm still a huge fan of how it turned out and couldn't wait to show some photos!

We decided to do a music nursery (because Randy is this kid's father and music is more important to him than just about anything!) and it turned out SO cute!

Let me know what you think, if we need to add anything to the nursery, etc!

Crib sheets:
Sofa slipcover:

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