Bumpdate Week 17 and Lighting The World

10:01 AM

Symptoms: I'm still gagging randomly, but at our last Dr. visit she told us that wasn't too abnormal and to not worry. I'm starting to get round ligament pain but it hasn't been too bad yet!
Sleep: I'm having random and very vivid dreams!
Baby is: The size of a video game controller! He can hear us now (most likely) so I talk to him all the time haha!
Gender: BABY BOY! We go in for another ultrasound soon so hopefully we aren't surprised!
Dad is: Fantastic. He's got finals this week and still manages to make me feel like a champ. 
Mom is craving: Pho! We had it a couple times last week for dinner...
Funny things this week: Our dr. appointment went great, the little dude would move every time they got him on the fetal doppler - he must not like feeling that on top of him!
Randy and I have also been doing some #lighttheworld activities and it has been SO fun! We bought CupBop for a girl behind us in line, and Randy ran out into the parking lot screaming "LIGHT THE WORLD." He shared this experience at Church, and now a week later people are STILL talking to him about it saying how awesome he is. He also got to share the Gospel with a friend from the bank when he ran into him at Panda Express. We visited our parents and spent time with them, shared scriptures, and more. We are LOVING these challenges! We also went to Guitar Center last week and Randy played like a ROCKSTAR (check out our video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-4jqD4epcc)
We are loving the Christmas season and are so excited to spend time with family the rest of the month.

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