Thanksgiving Time

8:31 AM

I seriously took ZERO pictures of Thanksgiving. We were running around like crazy people and I feel so dumb for forgetting! Oh well! You can look at my popping belly and decide if it's pie or baby in there.

Before we left to spend time up north for the break, we decorated our little apartment for Christmas. It was SO fun to put up our tree and all our decorations. I'm in love with Christmas!

Wednesday after Randy finished school, we headed up to Kaysville for the break!

We immediately did a gender reveal for my family, who were all in town for the holiday. It was SO fun (see next post for the video!)

We then had a Thanksgiving dinner with my immediate family which was really fancy and so special! We celebrated my brother in California who passed the bar (Way to go Ben!) and baby boy Low!

Wednesday night we played games with my cousins and ate pie, having a blast.

Thursday we woke up early to go play our Thanksgiving Frisbee game. We're all getting old and there wasn't very many of us, so we didn't last long! We did a Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal entry, made brussels sprouts, and got ready for the day. We popped in on my extended family Thanksgiving for a bit before heading up to Logan for Randy's family Thanksgiving.

We did a gender reveal with his extended family the moment we arrived, which was so fun!

We spent the day playing games, eating delicious food, and making music! It was just the best day!

We stayed up way too late again Thursday night eating pie and hanging out with cousins.

Friday, we were up bright and early to do some shopping! Randy and I spent WAY too much money and got most of our Christmas shopping done! We also got some deals on stuff for our little dude, which was too fun.

We went back to Kaysville to decorate for Christmas at my mom's, and have a delicious dinner with Randy's parents. We stayed up super late AGAIN playing games and decorating the Christmas tree.

Saturday we went to see Wonder and it was SUCH a good movie! It's unfair to make a pregnant mom of a little boy watch that movie though. I was BAWLING the whole time!

Randy had to do some school work up at the University so I did some more shopping, then we went to a delicious Ramen Restaurant in Ogden and saw the Ogden Christmas Light Parade, which was really fun.

We headed home and spent Sunday relaxing and getting caught up on all our house things. It was one of the best Thanksgiving weekends I can remember, and we're THRILLED that next year we will have our little man with us!

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