Maternity Monday/Bumpdate of Week 15

8:20 AM

Don't worry, I'll be posting a whole video and blog post all about finding out the gender of Baby Low!

We are THRILLED to be having a little boy, and I'll tell you all more about it in that post! (I just have to get my act together and edit the video!)

For my Maternity Monday, I wanted to share one of my very favorite shops Wight Gold. It has the CUTEST stuff and they are having a HUGE Cyber Monday sale and posting new arrivals every few hours!

I seriously LOVE Wight Gold, they have darling things and as I've been shopping for things that I can keep wearing throughout the pregnancy, they've been one of my favorites! You can clearly tell which items will keep working, and they even have a "nursing friendly" section of the website to make it obvious which items will be great for after Baby Low arrives! I'm seriously in love with this shop! And it's owned by the SWEETEST girl, for sure go check it out!

Symptoms: If I move around too fast I still feel nauseous, and I can't eat as much at each meal as normal! So I eat a smaller meal and then I'm hungry again in a few hours haha!

Sleep: I've been sleeping better at night, but I am still SO tired! 

Baby is: The size of a box of Crayola Crayons (or an avocado). My sister told us that if people kept growing at the rate they do before they are born, they'd be bigger than the earth by age 5! Super crazy!

Gender: BABY BOY! I have already bought SO many things for our little dude.

Dad is: So helpful! He was sick this week and still was hopping up and down, getting me anything I need. He's so sweet. I hope our little boy is JUST like his daddy.

Mom is craving: This week I was in love with the mashed potatoes and gravy from Thanksgiving! 

Funny things this week: We put out an Instagram poll for the gender of Baby Low, and over 75% of people thought it was a girl! We were all surprised together, but it just makes so much sense and totally fits that we are having a darling little dude.

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