Goodbyes, weekending, concerts, and more

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Last Wednesday, we dropped off Randy's brother at the MTC so he could serve a 2 year mission in Tokyo, Japan. Sam and I always joked and teased each other, I often told him he was the little brother I never wanted, but it was so sad to say goodbye! Sending off missionaries is hard, it gave me so many flashbacks to saying goodbye to Randy, but I'm so excited for Sam and I know he's going to kill it!

Wednesday night after we dropped Sam off we had family pictures with my family, which was a blast! Amber Bird is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Friday night we had friends over for curry and games which is always super fun. Saturday we went to Kaysville (like always) to do laundry and visit with family. That night was the ROCKET SUMMER concert, which is the concert that Randy looks forward to all year. We stopped and had dinner at Manoli's (it was on a list of the best restaurants in every state as Utah's best restaurant. It was good, but not the best restaurant. Not even close in my opinion.)

Then it was off to the concert where we ran into old friends, sang our guts out, and had the absolute best time. It's so awesome to go to a concert where you know the music will be clean, the singer will be amazing, and the people will be awesome. What a fun time! Can't wait until he comes back to Utah!

Sunday we had all our current and past Sunday School kids over for games and treats and it was SO much fun! We love all those munchkins and have been so lucky to teach Sunday School for almost two years. They are just the sweetest kids and I feel so blessed to get to be with them every Sunday!

Yesterday Randy started class and is OFFICIALLY in the Accounting Program at the U! I am so insanely proud and excited for all the adventures he has ahead.

That's my major update on all things happening, we're so happy and lucky and I'm ready for fall! Bring on the pumpkin spice.

Happy Tuesday!

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