Summer Clothes Love

11:19 AM

I'm SO excited to share this collaboration with you! I found Stay Warm In Style and I instantly became OBSESSED. I was thrilled when we decided to do a collaboration, and I may have gone a little picture happy (thanks to my cute hubby and little sister who are great photographers).

My clothes shipped really fast and the fit was perfect. I give Stay Warm In Style a total thumbs up!

I got the Boho Hollow Blouse in olive green, and it is SUPER different than most things I buy, but I'm absolutely obsessed with it. It's really lightweight which makes it perfect for summer, and it can go into spring and fall too. It's actually on sale right now too, so you should head over and buy it right away!

I also snagged the Moto Leggings in light grey and they are a dream! I've been wanting moto leggings for a while, and these ones are perfect! They have back pockets which is awesome, and they're the cutest summer color! They are also lightweight and have adorable zippers on the side that I love. 

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