Tokyo Disneyland Adventures - 5.8.17

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The second day of our Disney adventure we got to sleep in a little since Disneyland didn't open until 9! We got a little lost trying to find Disneyland since Disneyland and Disney Sea aren't right next to each other. I we called our parents and chatted for a bit while we waited in a SUPER short line. The park was EMPTY since the holiday week was over, and it was awesome.

We put our luggage in a locker so that after we were done at the park, we could just grab our stuff and head to Randy's grandparents house.

We got into Disneyland and it was AWESOME. Instead of Main Street, they have the World Bazaar which is super awesome, it has a glass ceiling and a dozen shops and restaurants like Main Street does. You walk through, and BAM there's the castle! It was amazing and I loved the feeling of seeing the Disney castle.

We ran and grabbed a fast pass for the Monster's Inc ride (which by the way, is inside a building that looks EXACTLY like the Monster's Inc. building in the movie) and then ran to the Winnie the Pooh ride. Now in California, the Winnie the Pooh ride is one that many people skip. In Tokyo, it's THE ride. It is SO fun. There's no track so you just move all around, and the graphics are amazing! There's a honey room that smells AWESOME, it's a really great ride! 

We wandered over to the Haunted Mansion and rode it (it's even scarier in Japanese) and then went to Pirates of the Caribbean. We walked over to the Blue Bayou and got a lunch reservation, and grabbed some churros and milk chocolate popcorn for our breakfast (healthy, I know.)

We had a little bit of time before our Fast Pass so we decided to just ride one or two things, and we found Stitch Encounter. We weren't sure what it was, but we decided to go in anyway! It was like Turtle Talk with Crush, with Stitch talking to members of the audience and singing songs. It was kinda for little kids, but I loved it! I didn't understand ANYTHING and Randy was trying to translate Stitch's weird accented, slang words. It was hilarious, we were struggling! Everyone in Japan is CRAZY about Stitch, so everyone loved the show. 

We rode Star Tours and got a new scenario! We had Finn tell us that I WAS THE SPY (so cool) and then we ended up on Jakkou, the new planet from the 7th movie.

We then went on Monsters Inc. which is like Buzz or Toy Story Mania where you are using a flashlight to spot Boo, the graphics were cool and I loved it!

We walked over to the Blue Bayou and went in to have lunch. The ambiance of the Blue Bayou is so cool, and the food here was out of this world!

Randy and I both started with a medley of hors devours (the spoons below) and we had jellied beef consume, a salmon roll, Cajun shrimp, scallops with hearts of palm and beans, and Randy's favorite was mashed avocado and crab.

For our meals, Randy had roast beef and gravy, and I had a lobster tail and seafood gumbo. 

Dessert was chocolate bread pudding with a strawberry drizzle shaped like a music note (because the Blue Bayou is supposed to be in New Orlean's Square) and a strawberry sundae. It was DELICIOUS food and we had a great time chatting and watching the ride.

We decided to go see Mickey's Philharmagic show and it was SO good. It's one of Randy's very favorite things and I loved seeing it in Japanese! The show is in 3D and the kids next to us were SO cute, they were out of their seats trying to grab the 3D objects, I loved watching them as much as the show!

It was hot at that point, so we went over to ride Splash Mountain and cool off. Splash Mountain in Japan is AWESOME. It is SO clean and they do everything they can to make sure you don't get wet. They even wipe off the seats before loading new riders. 

We went and rode Thunder Mountain next, then it was time for some ice cream! 

We took some pictures, went and rode Winnie the Pooh and Star Tours again, and then got caught in the UsaTama parade. In Japan they've named these weird little egg-creatures that are there for Easter, Usatamas. They had this whole Easter parade where they just sang repeatedly "LA LA LA LA LA LA, OOSA-TAMA" and had this choreography. I was DYING because every, single adult watching the parade knew every move of the choreography and they were all dancing. It was CRAZY and I honestly couldn't believe my eyes.

We walked through the World Bazaar and shopped, and made reservations and the restaurant Hoksuai, a Japanese food place in Disneyland. it was SO yummy and very traditional. The sweet waitress went to bring us tea and Randy felt SO bad but politely told her that we didn't drink tea for religious reasons, and asked if we could have water instead.

She brought it and then we ordered, Randy ordered pork katsu which is like a breaded and fried pork cutlet, and the waitress was soooo concerned she was like "oh you know the katsu has pork, can your religion eat that??" It was so sweet.

So Randy had katsu with a delicious sauce and pickled veggies (a ton of dishes come with a bunch of little sides like pickled veggies and miso soup and such) and rice.

I had tempura and rice and udon soup. It was all sooo good.

After dinner we decided it was time to head to Machida, where Randy's grandparents live. We got our luggage and started to walk to the train station. We hopped on the train and sped off. Machida isn't too far but we slept a little bit once we could sit down.

We arrived in the Naruse station and once we walked outside, Randy was flooded with memories and told me so many stories about kids playing soccer in the park and the restaurant his grandpa took him to when he was sick. Randy spent a summer living there when he was 12, so he had so many memories and knew exactly where we should go. He was just so happy to be there and to see the neighborhood. 

We rang the bell at the house and Randy's grandma Keiko came RUNNING out. There were so many hugs and we were ushered inside. Randy's grandpa Shigeo (they call him grandpa Pepopa) came out and welcomed us. We went into the kitchen and drank mugicha and chatted with them about all the members of the family and what they were up to, what we had done so far in Japan, and we made plans for the next day. They were SO sweet and wonderful and I just loved them. 

Their house is a two story house that's really tall with a small yard, like most houses in Japan (I have some photos and videos of it for later)

You walk in and take your shoes off immediately, go up the step to the inside of the house, and go through a hallway to the kitchen. There are just two other rooms, a tatami room where Randy's grandparents sleep, and the room where we slept which used to be a store and is now Keiko's fun room where she does crafts and watches her soap opera shows. 

Keiko's fun room and the hall bathroom that we used are SO sweet and decked out with beautiful perfume bottles and cute sayings on pillows, I just adored it!

After we talked we laid out our futons with Keiko's help, and decided to call it a night!

I was obsessed with ice cream during this trip

These bags were EVERYWHERE

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