Weekend Update

8:54 AM

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Friday Randy and I got home from work and hurried to make some curry for our friends! Caleb, Nannette, Alexon, Wesley, and Danny all joined us for dinner, cookies, and lots of laughs. We chatted about the future and where our lives are headed, joked about the good ol' days, and spent 45 minutes trying to snap a Polaroid photo without a self timer. It wasn't overly successful.

Saturday we slept in, Randy headed out on a run, and then it was off to Kaysville (I feel like we are CONSTANTLY there!) I went to a baby shower while Randy played his electric guitar and hung out with his family! We also had dinner with his family which is always delicious and super fun!

Sunday was church, hanging out with each other, and then off to Provo for a fun dinner with my sister, and her brothers and sisters in law! We are all close to the same age so it was super fun!

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