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The future.

All of it is so scary. I worry myself to sleep and hope it'll just disappear. And in the same breath, I want it to come faster. 

Lately I feel like Heavenly Father is constantly reminding me to enjoy each and every day. 

Reminding me to love our cozy apartment.

Reminding me to love listening to biographies during my commute.

Reminding me to take advantage of picking up at the drop of a hat to go take pictures somewhere.

Reminding me to enjoy lazy weekend mornings where we stay in bed talking and giggling like crazy until 11 AM.

Reminding me to similarly enjoy late nights with friends goofing off and also talking about the deepest parts of life.

Reminding me to sip my miso ramen.

Reminding me that trials today are not forever.

Reminding me that comparing myself to anyone else is pointless, because I'm meant to be me.

Reminding me where to improve and reminding me to let other things go.

Reminding me to spend a little more time holding Randy's hand.

Reminding me that today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow and the future is the future, and I can be happy today.

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