Floating The Teton River

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This weekend we had an awesome time in Idaho with my family doing our annual fishing trip! My grandpa has been floating the Teton river ever since he was little, and it's so awesome for our family to go and hear all the stories and catch loads of fish!

We drove up with Liv and Matt on Friday and jammed to Hamilton (my current obsession. if you haven't listened to it, stop reading this and go listen to it now.) We then stopped at Reed's for ice cream once we were in Idaho Falls which is seriously my favorite ice cream EVER!

We woke up super early on Saturday to drive to the river which is in Driggs (sorta).

It took us about 8 hours to float the whole thing, Randy and I each caught about 12 fish and that was about the number that everyone else caught, except for my sister and my grandpa who landed probably 20 fish each!

#nofilter. that's how beautiful it is up here.

We also saw a bull moose from a distance, and then a mama moose and two calves not 100 feet from our boat! They were in the river to drink, and were smack in between the two boats that we had for fishing! We had to wait it out until the mama decided to leave because moose are SCARY and will charge you if you get too close. It was a pretty intense 10 minutes of our two boats on either side of this giant moose, trying to make some noise but not make her mad!

It was really windy so Randy got his workout in paddling against the wind so we didn't float upstream.

We went to Texas Roadhouse that night with our family and my aunt and uncle's family. This is the crazy thing, as we were walking out of the restaurant I turned and saw a guy falling towards the floor, and I heard him choking. Everyone in the restaurant was either silent or panicking saying "Call 911! Call 911! He's choking!" My sister is a CNA and my dad used to be an EMT so both of them rushed forward when the family of the guy who was choking didn't know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver. My sister got the guy to talk a little which was good because it meant his airway wasn't totally blocked. My dad then performed the Heimlich and eventually got the guy to spit out the food. It was SO crazy! We were all a little shaken up but it ended up OK and the guy was fine! It was so lucky that we were there!

Sunday we drove back home, ate some of the fish we caught and visited with my family a little more before heading home for some Muddy Buddies and Boggle with Caleb and Nannette.

It was really a crazy busy weekend but a very fun one, and the weekend of fishing on the Teton is one I always look forward to.

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