Cute Bridal Shower

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Hello! So I haven't blogged in about 30 years. Since the 4th of July which means I'm a horrible person. It's been two whole weeks since I have blogged and I'm feeling pretty awful!

So let's play a huge game of catching up and go over some of the things really quickly!

I helped throw my sister a fun bridal shower with her friends and it was a blast! I'm super sad we forgot to get a picture with everyone, but it was so wonderful!

We had all of Liv's favorite treats for the shower; chocolate chip cookies, donuts, fruit, milk (in adorable milk bottles from Target) and we had the wonderful Lexie Faith do the adorable place cards, and she killed it! Seriously, go check her out, she was fantastic.

We also had a table of takeaway gifts of lipstick and kisses to help Liv "Kiss The Single Life Goodbye" We also had the girls put on some lipstick and kiss a piece of paper and sign their name, and we'll get it framed for Liv to always have a cute reminder of her closest friends right before she got married!

We also did Liv's bridals that night which was super fun. She had her makeup done by the FANTASTIC Madelynne Noelle who is absolutely amazing. Guys, she was in a car accident and still made it to our house in time to get Liv all dolled up and beautiful for her photos! She's seriously the best. I also got to film Liv and Matt's first look and formal video and I'm super excited to show you all how it turned out!

Randy and I also got to go to an Orem Owlz baseball game last weekend, which was a blast! We have Pass of all Passes from Seven Peaks so we get in for free, and it was a great way to spend a summer night. Randy always teases me about being nostalgic and sentimental about summer, and he's totally right, I'm a sucker for fun summer nights and summer activities!

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