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Holy cow how the time flies. Another weekend come and gone. But thank GOODNESS for warmer weather! What would I do without it!

Check out the weekend vibes:)

Friday we spent time with our friends Rachel and Steve. We got to go see a concert that Rachel's sister was in, and grab some Crown Burger with them after listening to some beautiful music. It was SUCH a fun night; we always love seeing our Provo friends!

Saturday started early with my cousin Emily's baptism in Kaysville. It was so incredibly fun to be with all our family, and to be with Emily on her special day.

Saturday after the baptism we celebrated my Dad's birthday! The day was spent at Maddox for some DELICIOUS steak, eating cake, opening presents, playing games, and going for a walk. We reminisced on parts of my Dad's life and it is always so fun to hear the stories.

My mom made my dad a Black Forest cake - isn't it so beautiful?? It was also SO delicious!

Sunday Randy and I headed off to Church, I taught Sunday School to my favorite kids who made it so meaningful and awesome, and then had dinner with Caleb and Nanette, which is becoming a Sunday tradition! Sundays are my favorite days of the week, Randy and I get to go to Church, do our family scripture and gospel study, and we get lots of time with each other to talk, go for walks, and spend time together.

I am seriously so lucky, and I feel so blessed for my life every day.

Happy Monday everyone!

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