Spring Saturday

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So Randy and I do that thing where we have to go to work every day, so Randy's Spring Break from school wasn't really a week of relaxing. It was just a week of a little less work for him.

So we decided to have a Spring Saturday instead.

Saturday we braved a one day Moab trip with our good friends Caleb and Nanette.

We started by breakfasting early in the morning before the 3.5 hour drive, which was GORGEOUS. It was pretty warm, sunny, and so exciting. We got to Arches and then proceeded to EXHAUST ourselves with a million hikes. It was absolutely beautiful.

My hot chocolate was beautiful

We went and saw Delicate Arch (which is fantastic PS) the Windows, Broken Arch, and more.

Nanette and I under the arch!

It was a day full of walking and talking, treats and pictures.

We then drove into Moab to meet up with Alexon and Sean for a dinner. And then it was the 3.5 hour drive back (which was surprisingly more difficult than the drive there. probably because of exhaustion and the fact that it was dark)

It was a really fantastic trip, one that made me excited for summer!

Sunday was the Provo Temple Dedication which was absolutely wonderful (more thoughts on this to come) and my mom's birthday celebration.

We talked about Palm Sunday and my mom gave us all books called "The Holy Week For LDS Families" which is absolutely amazing. Randy and I are loving reading about each of the days of this very special week, and doing little activities to remind us of our Savior.

We had a delicious meal after a fun crisis with my aunt (neighbor was babysitting some kids so their parents could go to the dedication, her husband needed to go to the hospital, so my aunt had six kids plus her four to take care of while her neighbor went with her husband in the ambulance. hence we went over and got to babysit some cute kids for a little while. don't worry - everyone is OK!)

We went on a nature walk, had cake, and celebrated my angel mother.

This week has been busy like all the rest. And a week full of discoveries, lessons to be learned, and understanding each other a little better.

I'm very excited for the upcoming Easter and General Conference celebrations we will get to have.

We are so blessed.

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