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The days and weeks are just flying by! How is it we are in OCTOBER already?? Boy I can't even believe it, but I LOVE fall so I'm pretty excited about this time of year!

Let's do a little update, shall we?

Last weekend was study weekend! Randy and I pulled our mattress out to the living room, ate Cup O' Noodles, binged on our favorite TV shows, and Randy spent the weekend studying while I read, cleaned, and relaxed. It was a pretty great weekend to say the least! We also got to see Caleb which is always a wonderful treat! I also may have broken out all things pumpkin with some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which were delightful if I do say so myself!

We also have been taking advantage of our short drive to Big or Little Cottonwood Canyons and soaking up the fall colors. People who don't love the Utah mountains just baffle me! It's so breathtaking and I am so happy fall is finally here! 

Nature ombre - pretty great! 

And earlier this week I had the awesome opportunity to go to Brother Walz social media class to talk about my job, business blogging, SEO, and all things social media! It was a BLAST and has made me want to hop back on the adjunct professor bandwagon. What am I doing with my future friends? Ahh, who knows. But it'll all work out!

Happy Thursday friends! I'll be over here Octobering, and like I have promised a million times, getting the final wedding pictures uploaded, getting our love story finished, and finally showing you around our apartment!! 

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