another weekend

8:17 PM

So I feel like all I do is post about our weekends. I just don't have time during the week to blog as much as I would like! BUT that is all alright.

So last week/weekend was filled with staying at our parents house and getting my sister off to Boston.

The weekend was filled with Randy being the biggest sweetheart ever. He ran and got me pho after the restaurant was already closed (not sure how he did it...), grocery shopped moved around furniture (and yes put our mattress out in the living room. it's becoming a regular thing here.)

Saturday we went to a corn maze in Provo with my sister! It was a BLAST. And Randy kept the awesome husband thing rolling and swapped me socks when my kept falling off in my boots. There was a big corn box (it's my favorite part of corn mazes), getting lost and trying to figure out what happened to Farmer Joe in the maze, and zombie paintball, which was awesome.

Sunday was filled with teaching (I LOVE teaching Sunday School to all those youths in my ward. they are so awesome and it is WAY too much fun), and then being lazy and eating yummy pancakes and homemade buttermilk syrup.

Guys work is crazy right now and I'm doing some freelance stuff on the side and life is BUSY. BUT it's wonderful and I feel so so lucky, especially to have an amazing guy like Randy by my side.

reality: this photo sums up our marriage. 

so here I am, heading into another week and getting pumped for another weekend. fall weekends are fantastic. 

ALSO RED ALERT. We don't know what to be for Halloween. HELP!!!!


Happy Monday everyone! 

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