The one where I chime in about leggings

2:09 PM

I didn't even want to honor this topic with a post, but as I was listening to conference talks this morning, this one came on. I couldn't not share.

Lord, Is It I?

Here's to being a little less judgmental and a little more understanding, kind, and loving.

There are so many bigger problems than leggings. Like members feeling left out, looked down on, and inadequate.

I have opinions about modesty. But to me, modesty is about the way you live your life. And living a modest life includes respecting yourself and those around you, but most importantly, loving your Heavenly Father.

You shouldn't choose your clothes based on who might be looking at you, but based on your desire to prove to God, every single day, that you love him and you'll do what he asks you to do.

That also means you shouldn't tell other people what to wear because you know best. Everyone has a very personal relationship with God. Let them talk to him about what to wear.

Instead, we should all focus on ourselves, and on showing others that God loves them.

When others feel the love of God, they're more likely to listen to his guidance and counsel, right?

So let's be done with the posts that are pulling people down, let's be done arguing over what not to wear.

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