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8:34 PM

Again, another sappy post. Sorry...

Sometimes I'll look over while we're eating dinner or while we're driving, and this feeling comes over me. I'm so lucky. This guy is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and every second with him is a dream come true. Things have been stressful for both of us lately, but somehow he still manages to make me smile every day. Thanks for being the best boyfriend in the world Randy Low.

Also, today was my first time anchoring for BYU Eleven News! So much fun, and such an exciting thing to be a part of. You can check it out Monday through Friday at 12:00 on channel 11, or online! It's going to be a really fun semester, and I'm so happy to be working with the amazingly talented people that are part of the Eleven News crew! 

Anyway, coming up soon on the blog we're going to have "What Happens When They Come Home" and others. Should be good!

Happy Monday everyone!

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