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Once upon a time I started my senior year of college. Now, finals week is upon me. Or as some like to call it, HBLL week. (Harold B. Lee Library for you non-BYU folk). So I'm almost halfway done with that senior year.

Um, what?

I did not give this semester permission to run by so quickly. I'm looking at my notes for my classes as I attempt to study while having approximately 0 motivation, wondering where in the world September went.

Waiting for Christmas and Randy to get home, the time ticked slowly.

Having to be ready for finals came more quickly than anything in the world.

So as I sit here procrastinating my study of World Religions, there are all these thoughts running around in my head and I know that no studying will get done until they are gone.

At some point I'll probably write the surviving finals week post that nobody will read, but tonight isn't that kind of night.

Tonight is a night for being strong and fearless. It's for plunging ahead into the unknown when some are laughing while you struggle by and others are dragging you back, telling you you have no idea what you're doing.

Tonight is all about charting your course and learning to love the ride no matter who decided to get on board with you.

Tonight is about never giving up on someone and fighting for the things that matter the very most to you.

Tonight is about all the things that prepared you for this moment, for the things you didn't understand that now make perfect sense.

For that silent struggle with a loving Heavenly Father when you have no idea why things are happening. And realizing that there has always been a plan, and that you just have to trust.

And tonight is about being kind because you never know who else is having that same silent struggle.

Ok enough of that! Picture time!

Best homecoming talk EVER.

Sub-set of our Provo family for dinner at my favorite Sri Lankan restaurant. 

And a farewell to these two who are off to new adventures after Christmas! Mal will be teaching English in Ukraine and JD will be working with government officials in D.C. 

Anyway dear friends. Happy Monday and for anyone with finals still ahead, good luck! 

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