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Yayyyyy for the Liebster Award! And yay for Sierra from Enjoy To The End for nominating me! I love my cute blogging friends and I love the Liebster Award as a way to get to make even more blogging friends! Just a YAY day if you know what I mean! 

Rules: List 11 facts about yourself and then answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you. Be sure to link back to the blogger who nominated you, and then nominate bloggers of your choice! Think of 11 questions to ask the ones you nominate.

So here are my facts (not just boring ones that everyone knows, but fun crazy ones!):
1. I eat half baked chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. Frequently.
2. I have dozens of half written stories in my head and on my hard drive. I should finish one someday...
3. Someday I dream of going to Disneyland and eating every single thing at the park, meals, snacks, everything.
4. I get really emotionally attached to movie, TV, and book characters.
5. Right now I'm working on being more kind to the people in my life.
6. I adore being busy. As much as I complain about it, I wouldn't have it any other way.
7. In the past few years I've gotten less comfortable with touch. Like hugs sometimes are too much for me. It's incredibly weird.
8. The most effective work-out methods I have include watching Netflix while I attempt to do sit-ups.
9. I miss being a ballerina more than I let on.
10. I love blogging for a million reasons, and it seems like some people will just never understand.
11. I have realized that I really don't like wearing scarves that much. 

Ok now on to Sierra's questions:
1. What are your three favorite blogs? GAH this is hard. I love WilliviaSomething Devine, and 
2. What's your blog name? I chose my blog name because I wanted it to stand out. There aren't too many redheads out there, so I figured it was time to embrace it!
3. Favorite childhood memory? I have so many childhood memories that I love. One of my favorites is when my baby sister was born and we got to go see her at the hospital!
4. You're on a desert island, what book do you bring? The Book of Mormon for a religious book, but for a non-religious book I would pick Gone With The Wind. It's long, and it's good! 
5. What's your profession? I am a student at Brigham Young University currently, with a part-time job at BYU Radio. I also am a professional eater, reader, Netflix watcher, sister, daughter, and friend.
6. If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go? I would go back to Europe in a heartbeat!
7. Favorite blog topic?  I love blogging about my religion because it's so important to me.
8. Clothing staple? I am obsessed with blazers. You can't have too many!
9. Why did you start blogging?  I started blogging because I was bad at journaling, and then it evolved into so much more. 
10. What is your passion? My passion is being happy, and helping those around me be happy too! 
11. What's your favorite hobby? My favorite hobby is writing, reading, or dancing/acting. 

OK! Now I am nominating: 

Your questions are:
1. What's your favorite book?
2. What's the best thing you ate today?
3. What's your favorite thing about yourself?
4. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
5. What annoys you more than anything?
6. Favorite candy?
7. Greatest accomplishment?
8. Where will you be in five years?
9. Guilty pleasure song?
10. Why do you blog?
11. What's something you want everyone in the world to know? 

Ok girls, get cracking!

Thanks again Sierra for the nomination, everyone go check out her blog, she's adorable! 

And happy Thursday everyone 

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  1. Thanks for the nomination!

  2. Oh I've loved reading this and getting to know you better! P.S. I love your book choice and favorite thing to write about :)

  3. I absolutely love your blog:) you're so cute and real and when I get tired of the bloggin world because at times it's quite cliquish, your blog inspires me to keep going!:)
    And I love to read and eat, so this was awesome to read!

    1. Kylee you are too nice! I love making new blogging friends, it's such a unique and interesting way to meet people and it's just the best. Reading and eating are seriously my favorite things. We can be friends. :)


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