How To Succeed In College Without Really Trying

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Ok, that's a lie. The title is just a spoof of a popular show. Google it kiddies.

The reality is, you won't succeed in college if you don't try. It just won't happen! So here are my foolproof strategies to succeed in college while not killing yourself and having fun!

1. READ. Teachers aren't just assigning reading for the heck of it. It will show up on a quiz or test later. Or at the very least they'll do one of those quizzes where you check YES if you did the reading, and get points for it. Don't miss easy points because you were lazy!
2. Take notes. This seems obvious, but for a lot of people it's not! Even if the power point slides will be online for you to access, I still say you should take notes. It will help you understand and retain the information.
3. Do your homework ASAP. Especially the first few weeks of the semester when there are no tests! Crank that paper or that project out when you don't have too much to do! Also, don't leave your homework for Sunday night, just do it when it gets assigned. I promise, you'll be much happier.
4. STUDY. In high school you didn't have to try. Here, you do. You actually have to study to do well. And if you don't....well shame on you. Anyway the point is, set aside time to study for your tests and actually study, don't just look at the page. Use flashcards, memorization techniques, or teach it out loud. Whatever it takes for you to get the information.
5. Go to class. Seriously. Just do it. There will be classes that you think are pointless, but I guarantee you'll get better grades if you bite the bullet and go to the lecture.

Hopefully these are helpful. If not....well I'm sorry.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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