First week of school down!

6:05 PM

Friends, a week of school is done! My classes have been wonderful so far, I think it's going to be a good year! I also had my first day working at KSL as an actual employee! Talk about a dream come true!

This week also included a rooftop concert in downtown Provo...

Seriously Provo is the coolest place in the world. Three amazing bands, thousands of people, an awesome mayor, basically Provo rocks.

This guy officially has 99 days left on his mission. What in the world???

And I love when random walks around the temple lead to seeing one of my favorite sister missionaries. She's doing amazing in the MTC and couldn't be happier! We both may have started tearing up when we saw each other...

In other news, I was just offered an anchoring position at BYU 11 News! I'll be doing the online "Who, What, When, Where, Why" segment every Tuesday for BYU 11 online! I am SO stoked. Basically life is great friends. 

It's my last day of being 20 years old, and can I just say, the 20th year has been a great one. 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

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