Summer Time

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Guys, summer break is here.

Well for me it's not a break, I'm still in school. But there's something wonderful about waking up early in the morning to the sun, to walking around on campus without a jacket, and to getting into your car with the steering wheel a little too hot to touch.

I have a long list of things I want to do this summer, as well as a BYU bucket list for things I want to do with my last year here at the Y. I figure if I post it on my blog, I'll be more likely to stick to it! So here we go:)

1. Rooftop Concert

2. Drive in movie
3. Float the Provo river
4. Baseball games
5. Visit Utah Lake or Great Salt Lake
6. Bonfire
7. Swim at Cherry Hill or Seven Peaks
8. Rope swing in Mona 
9. Camping
10. Pie shake
11. Roast mallows at the bell tower
12. Picnic

There you have it folks, my summer 2k14. Now keep in mind, I'll be going to school until June and then doing my internship from June to August. There would be lots more activities on my list if I wasn't so darn busy!

Here is my BYU Bucket List (which has some duplicates, but that's ok)

1. Creamery Ice Cream
2. Picture with Cosmo
3. Football Game
4. Baseball Game
5. Basketball Game
6. Rugby Game
7. Gymnastics meet
8. Squaw Peak Kiss
9. Eat a Pie Shake
10. Rooftop concert
11. Drive in movie
12. Float the Provo river
13. Visit Utah Lake
14. International Cinema
15. Hike the Y
16. Rope swing in Mona
17. J Dawgs
18. Leave a note in the testing center
19. Stay in the library as late as possible
20. Eat at the Canon center
21. Go camping
22. Walk into every BYU Building
23. Volunteer at the MTC
24. Roast marshmallows at the Bell Tower
25. Picnic
26. Hide and Seek at BYU buildings

Never fear, I have already done some of these things, I just want to do them all again before I leave BYU! Part of the experience right?;)

If you have other ideas for either my summer or BYU Bucket List, let me know!

Also really quick, this is what's been up with me:)

This cute sister of mine took 2nd in the Hurdles at the BYU invitational meet. SO proud of her! My brother is awesome and has a job with a law firm for the summer before Harvard, and cute Bethany just finished up being Kim in Bye Bye Birdie, and is on to lacrosse! My siblings are so talented. 

Sometimes after Fast Sunday you need a grilled PB and J.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Maybe you should add...VISIT HANNAH to this bucket list. ;)

  2. What an excellent bucket list!! :)

  3. GIRL I work at International Cinema, go see ALL THE SHOWS EVER. So great.


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