Mother's Day and Cosmo

10:21 AM

Dear friends:

I feel like I gripe about how busy I am all the time...but I am BUSY! Life is great though:)

I'm a bit jealous of all my friends around the world on their study abroads and such, but I'm having a blast reporting for 11 News and working for BYU Radio. It's fun to meet all kinds of people and learn new things every single day!

I also enjoy baseball games with Cosmo and my friends.

My cute Matt Townsend team with our fairy rings. Matt is lame as you can see, and Jess is leaving me alone with the boys:( Miss you Jess!

Cosmo sweeps me off my feet sometimes.

Mother's Day is coming up my dear friends! So here are my recommendations on what you should do for your sweet amazing, angel mother:

Put your phone away. Spend the day with your mom free from distractions. Sure, she'll love the flowers and the poem or the necklace, but she'll love even more that you set down the phone to talk with her, to be a part of the family. That's the greatest gift you can give her this year.

Happy Friday everyone!

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