I wanna be your Friday night.

12:18 PM

Friends friends friends! What a crazy week/weekend it was. I have been busy as I'll get out, but having too much fun to complain!

So Thursday night our ward rented out Soldier Hollow for tubing! Basically, it's too fun to even talk about. It was cold, but I know how to bundle up, so I was happy! I can't even explain how it feels to be pulled up a giant hill, while gentle snow is falling, and the stars are bright. It's unreal actually. And then going down the hill with powder flying in your face and flying over hills so you catch air, that's an unreal experience too!

We killed in tubing. Shout out to BETHANY RICHARDS for giving me this adorable hat as a Christmas present. XOXO

The rest of the weekend was filled with OLYMPICS and homework. Oh and the occasional classy party and country dance night. All of the above were fantastic.

Best friends are a good reason to smile.

And that favorite missionary of mine has been gone for 13 months today. WHAT. When did that happen?? I know, it's crazy. Can't wait to see that smiling face of his SOON. He loves Japan and being a missionary so much though, it may be hard to convince him to come back!

Happy Monday everyone, happy Valentine's Day week (are you prepared???) and HAPPY OLYMPICS. USA!

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