7:30 AM

Currently I am horrible at blogging. February will be a better month for that.

Quick catch up, and then on to the currently part of this post.

Rachel and I got to go home to my house for the Super Bowl. (Yes I am a Bronco's fan, no I don't want to talk about it.)

My cousin Lindsay is too cute!

An hour of talking and a T-Swift jam sesh sandwiched around lots of food, my awesome family, and free laundry. What could be better?

Allllll righty that's about it.


Currently wanting:
Scrabble and Boggle and other word games are favorites in my house. These pillows would just make it perfect.

Currently listening to:

I'm still obsessed with them.

Currently missing: 
Missionaries. All of them. But especially HIM. You know what I mean. 

Currently loving:

Currently working on:
I have upcoming interviews with Jonathan Last (the writer/author), Gina Berreca (the author/humorist), Colby Larsen (gallery owner in Park City/Banksy enthusiast). I have a story due on Thursday for my intro to reporting class, and a paper due on Wednesday for Art History. 

Friends, life is good.

Happy Monday everyone!

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