Wiser too...?

2:44 PM

One year older and wiser too.

I don't feel wiser.
Just older.

But my birthday was grand:) It all started on a Thursday, two days before my birthday, when I was having a crappy day. My roommate Rebecca is on an intramural volleyball team and wanted us to go watch her play. I had a lot of homework and thought about not going, but Heidi and Randy convinced me to go. So we went and watched her play and it was great. Then we came home...to find a bunch of friends and a cake for Kathryn and my birthday!! I have the cutest roommates who  went to a bunch of work to surprise me:) So that was a great night. THEN. Friday Randy took me to Mimi's where we had a ton of fun in our own private little section of the restaurant with free dessert, then off to Classic Skating where I could barely stay up on my roller skates. Then up to the mountain overlooking all of Provo where we had an awesome talk and danced to the radio. Then back to watch a movie with my roommates at his place. Basically, one of the best dates ever. Then came Saturday...my real birfday. We won football and we had people over for dinner and a movie and it was just great. And Bandy got me the Rascal Flatts CD and food. And my parents bought me a pizza card so I can buy pizza. WHENEVER. Yay :)

It's super funny to see who is there for you and who goes out of their way to make you happy. I was surprised by who did. And it was great :)

So maybe I'm not all that much wiser....but I think I am a little bit more aware and experienced. Which is really nice :)

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