I don't get it

5:52 AM

Today I am going to be put in as the Relief Society President for my ward. I am so scared. Especially because I feel like I have zero friends at school (minus Randy and Heidi.) I came home this weekend for my sister's birthday and all the girls did super fun stuff all together while I was gone. Let's just say I feel like the ugly step-sister in the apartment. I don't understand how I'm supposed to do this calling if I can't even befriend my roommates above laughing at youtube videos and asking how their day went. I think I'm just rambling right now hahaha. Anyway I guess I'll have to figure it out and make my roommates like me or something...not sure how well that's going to go over. Welp that's about it. My weekend at home with my family was great, I went to Cherry Hill and saw all the amazing people I've spent the past summer with. It was really nice. I didn't see any old friends besides Cherry Hill people except Spencer and Randy, but it was so much fun :)

Welp...have a good Sunday! Sorry this post is such a downer.

To make this post happy:

Once there was a llama. His name was Joe. The end!

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