Open your eyes

5:42 PM

Yesterday my sisters, mom and I went to Lagoon! Keep in mind, I haven't been to Lagoon since I went with Tyler for Frightmares a year ago. So it's been a while. We went on lots of crazy rides and walked around having fun. And then Liv and I decided we wanted to go on the Sky Coaster, (the big ride where you go sixty feet up in the air and free fall for literally fifty feet before you start swinging over Lagoon.) I have been on this ride before, but I closed my eyes for all the way up and most of the swinging. Because it is HIGH UP.

This time I was with my sister, going up. My eyes were shut tight. And then my sister said "Maddy LOOK!!! It is so cool!!!" So I opened my eyes.

Sprawled out before me was lots of trees and people and water fountains and so many cool things. And then we dropped and it all got closer before we started swinging and seeing lots of different things. And I realized something. Some people will help you open your eyes to everything wonderful around you, and others will be ok with you keeping them closed. I'm figuring out who will help me open my eyes, and I am so grateful for those people.

So, open your eyes.

You'll be surprised by what you see :)

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