Hopeless Post

7:31 AM

I've been sitting here trying to think of what to say for quite a while now. There are ten million words running through my head of things I want to say, could say, shouldn't say, or plain ol' just don't wanna say. This summer has been really weird. Incredibly fun, but weird. Weird in that I'm not doing the things I thought I would be doing, but the things I've been doing instead are super fun. Which is good. Haha I think this post was doomed not to make sense since it's conception. Poor little hopeless post.

There's probably nothing really good to say because of the fact that I literally do nothing. I go to work.....I hang out with Randy for short amounts of time.....I ride on Jackson's bike for literally five minutes.....I go to a party or a gathering probably once a week that is entirely uneventful.....I watch a lot of Olympics.....I clean my room and ready for college stuff (which I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT)....and then I sleep. And repeat the cycle. It's really fun, honest. But still nothing very intriguing to post on this blog happens too often.

I'm thinking though. And when something blog-worthy happens...you'll be the first to know, little blog :)

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  1. Hey, put in a good word you! (I hope you remember what I'm talking about.) But the real story is...I'll be at Cherry Hill Wednesday with the Bennett chillins. And let's play. Because I miss you.


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