Isn't it interesting....

8:34 AM

Isn't it interesting how....

A picture of someone else says so much about who you're not.

The words not spoken about you speak volumes.

You slowly slip away, unnoticed.

You wanted them to notice.

Enough being sad and nostalgic.


Here's a fun story.

Sometimes at work Kira and I go crazy and the new girl thinks we're insane. It's fine. Really though. And then Jessi and I talk about all sorts of things, then the nice family that was golfing (who was also semi-strange) brings up the bucket that the golf balls go into on the last hole. The hidden, underground bucket that keeps the illusion that the golf balls simply "disappear" after a game.

"Here's this bucket! We thought you might want it."

".....thank you?"

The end.

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