General Conference

10:08 AM

I love General Conference. This year it was harder to listen because on Saturday we had family over for my brother's engagement party and such, but I still want to highlight a few of my very favorite talks that I did get to listen to.

Elder Scott. Wow. He's a powerful speaker who I used to dread listening to because he has a soothing voice that would lull me to sleep. His talk on being ready to recieve revelation was so great and I loved it.

Elder Holland. I can't say enough how much I love this man. He always seems to be able to say what I want to hear. There is nothing you have done that cannot be undone.

President Eyring. Trials come. And I am so glad that he gave a talk on how to handle trials, so that when I am in a hard situation, I can overcome it.

President Utchdorf. He knows how to speak, let me tell you. STOP IT. There isn't too much contention in my home, but it's good to hear those words of wisdom.

Elder Baxter. I hadn't ever heard of him before, but his talk on single families made my heart hurt. One of my old YW leaders is going through the single-parenting stretch right now and hearing this talk made me so happy. I know it was what she was probably praying to hear.

There were a lot of others I loved, but mostly I love President Monson. He always has this calming, fun, wonderful spirit that makes me smile. His talks about the church and the gospel and knowing it's true were wonderful. I just love General Conference.

On a seperate note, I love my family. They're crazy and annoying at times, like any family, but we love each other and it shows. We're always looking out for each other and finding ways to help every person in our family. Families are forever and I'm glad I'm a part of the family that I am.

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