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I have a calling. It's called playing the piano for the Primary kids during singing time. I love it so so so SO much. The kids scream and try to sing over each other, they are so engaged whenever we talk about Jesus, they love playing little games, and are so easily distracted. In a lot of ways, I wish I was more like them. And I'm going to try to be. They love coming to church and learning about Jesus. They don't think it's uncool to sing, or play the games. They hold hands and hug, fight for a minute and then forgive. They think everyone looks pretty and don't judge me when I miss a note.

So long story short, I think Christ had a point when he asked us to be like little children. Not be childish, but be child-like. Through this calling, and actually this ward, I've learned even more how much I love little kids. I think it's in part that I feel so close to my own kids that I don't know yet. Somehow, Heavenly Father has blessed me to kind of know them, to know who I need to be so that they can be a part of my life. And that's something I'm truly grateful for. So long story short, it's my goal to be more like a little child, to be the kind of person that can raise children. :)

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