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So the title is a lame attempt at humor. I need to catch-up (ketchup) hahahaha....with everything that has been going on!!!
A. My brother came home!! He's great, only slightly missionary-ish still, trying to figure out things with his girly-friend, off to BYU to attend school, is still my amazing wonderful funny brother!
B. Christmas was fabulous! I love the holidays!! The food, the family, the decorations, the giving and receiving, everything :) And this holiday was amazing! It was sad to me to think that next year, I'll be coming home for the holidays. I'm not sure how I feel about it. But that's a while away right??
C. New Years!! New Year's Eve was AWESOME!! I spent the night with friends and of course, Bandy :) This last year was great and I think this new year will be even better :)

So here's a few resolutions:

-Be more patient (I struggle with this)
-Laugh every day
-Go running
-Learn how to live on my very own
-Be a good friend
-Don't forget my phone number
-Read the BOM daily
-Take more pictures
-BLOG often :)
-Eat everything I want and don't get fat (haven't figured out how to do that ;))
-Convince Bandy to stick around ;)
-Stop calling Bandy, Bandy, as it probably annoys him :)

I think that's all pretty good. OH and one more the heck out of this last semester of high school!!!

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