Long weekend

9:43 AM

So this was a super long weekend. It's been a super long few weeks actually. Friday we did more music practice, then went and played and laughed together...actually had fun. Then Saturday we had an understudy run through and then a lead run through. Watching the understudies made me realize how much I love my "pretend" sisters. These girls really have become my sisters. I talk to them more than just about anybody right now. And I hope that doesn't change when the musical is over.

Randy's been great throughout me being obnoxious and a baby about everything. Even though things have been really...monotonous lately. He's been great. This time of year is always hard because I feel like I'm being torn in a million ways. Friends, the musical, school, my family. All of it. And I don't have time to give my all to everything. And it's hard to expect to not be left behind in some of the areas...because the truth is, I'm going to be.

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